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Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023)
Rating 9.5
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Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023)

Watch full episodes Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023), download Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023) english subbed, Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023) eng sub, download Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023) eng sub, stream Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023) at Lucifer Donghua.in - Watch Online: Chinese Anime / Donghua - Japanese.
Swallowed Star Season 4 , 吞噬星空 第三季 , Tunshi Xingkong 4 ,
Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Oct 03, 2023 Duration: 20 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 45 Fansub: Lucifer Donghua & 3D Anime Official Casts: Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:
Watch streaming Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023) English Subbed on Lucifer Donghua.in - Watch Online: Chinese Anime / Donghua - Japanese. You can also download free Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023) Eng Sub, don't forget to watch online streaming of various quality 720P 360P 240P 480P according to your connection to save internet quota, Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023) on Lucifer Donghua.in - Watch Online: Chinese Anime / Donghua - Japanese MP4 MKV hardsub softsub English subbed is already contained in the video.

Synopsis Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023)

Watch online full: Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023) – Tunshi Xingkong 4 ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 3rd season All episode English sub, Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023), Tunshi Xingkong  Season 4

Watch Swallowed Star Season 4 (2023)

Release Date


  1. Hinamaru says:

    I can’t wait

  2. Dio says:

    Is it going to release tomorrow?

  3. Shadow says:

    When will the new episodes come I can’t wait ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. nomad says:

    still no updet yet… lol

  5. Nymuel says:

    Same here i can’t wait


    about time been waiting

  7. Bankaiiiiii says:

    Let’s go

  8. SiMaKong says:

    Same. I cant wait to see him breaking limits.

  9. King says:

    Finally. Its coming

  10. Yarouh1337 says:

    ok season 3 I like it but what about season 2 not going to continue?

  11. Manish says:

    When will this season realease it’s have been so long realease it fast.

  12. Manish says:

    I am big fan of this animation realease it fast.

  13. nomad says:

    still waiting

  14. rahul kumar says:

    after season 2 ….still wating

  15. subash says:

    yes bro we are really eager to watch this anime from months

  16. Yanrenthung Ezung says:

    Oh man seriously.. How long are we supposed to wait….

  17. Namiko says:

    Wait, where is seasons 2 episode 60

  18. Leo says:

    I am also waiting for long time when will it release yrr

  19. sathwik says:

    bro when wiil you release the episode or are you just tempting us, just so you know this is my favourite donghua and something very dear to me so please release it as you told

  20. sathwik says:

    and it releases on sep 1 2023

  21. Shubham says:

    I can’t wait to watch this but today is the day supposed to release the episode

  22. Demetrice says:

    Lol it was right to came back here I was rewatching it again and thinking of checking when is the new season is gonna come out since I knew it was gonna be around this month😭😭

  23. Kyreem Samuel says:

    yes yes yes

  24. Samaz says:

    When are they uploading the s3 ep1??? 😭

  25. kira says:

    Friday 1st September 2023

  26. nana says:

    it will be released on 1 september

  27. Derek says:

    Not right both are airing swallowed star and martial univers but no release date comeon give us inside

  28. zeeshan says:

    Im also waiting from long time after watching its 1 &2 session ,when u will upload its 3 session ?

  29. alan emin says:

    long time non see this or be waiting and i cant wait to see the next episode hahaha!

  30. SMinfinity says:

    Season 3 is going to air on 1 September

  31. Firman says:

    Finally, Released on my birthday 🎉🎉🎉

  32. Leywin says:

    I have waited long to watch this masterpiece again. This is may favorite Chinese anime so please upload more chapters.

  33. Holaa do you guys can wait to see the first episode on this season. The episode will release in next year of first month hope to support and ease your patient as always thank you

    # by joker🤣

  34. Faiz says:

    When new episode are coming

  35. Mamae says:

    It was exciting fans my favorite waiting for swallowed star s3 i wanna felt crying 😭

  36. r3j1ongkur says:

    maybe it will be released on sep.

  37. Jayant says:

    when is it going to come out one week past

  38. Demetrice says:

    Guys I just wanna say that season 2 end and it’s going to continue in season 3. Season 3 comes out sep 1 so next month

  39. Silver OG says:

    Wow finally it’s back, am looking forward to see more fun.

  40. Greg Miller says:

    More empty promises I guess.

  41. MELT says:


  42. grim says:

    official release date is set from november

  43. Christopher aquino says:

    Release the video plsss I’m so very excited to watch it

  44. tempa says:

    why is the episode not coming???
    i have waited so many months.

  45. Fahad says:

    Well I’ve heard that it’ll be uploaded on 1st September so I’m here to check but not seen anything like It’s coming today 💔💔

  46. Ali bro says:

    According to what I heard, it will be uploaded on the 1st of September, so I’m going to check, but haven’t seen anything about it being available today.

    1. admin says:

      no buddy waits for 1st October

  47. DRAGON LORD says:

    Bro can you give us a final date

  48. Prince says:

    Guys Is it true that Swallowed Star Season 3 will back this september ! This is the source


  49. Vash says:

    September 1,2023? Its already been september 5 fake news

  50. Davehunk says:

    Still a fake news,

  51. Prince says:

    Guys this is official weibo news. Swallowed Star maybe release this september.


  52. Shadow says:

    It’s already September 8(4 months and a week since last release) and still no news of any update…

  53. Greg Miller says:

    I’m just sitting here waiting until the next Episode of Swallowed Star comes out.

  54. Archangel says:

    This is ridiculous waiting this long for the next season

  55. Archangel says:

    You guys are really starting to take the piss if we have to wait that long

  56. Avinash says:

    When will be the episode will come I can’t wait

  57. Anime--- says:

    i think they meant sep 2024 lol

  58. Abdullah says:

    Today already 27 September
    At least tell about the final date

  59. kings says:

    3 october rebroadcast date set

  60. Liar says:

    Oct 3 Followed by Nov 3 and then Dec 3

  61. Ash says:

    Ep 88 release date ?

  62. Alex says:

    are you for real ?

  63. Alright, thank you, admin… I’ve been waiting for this to be released for too long, and finally I can watch it again.

  64. Forfun says:

    Waiting for next

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