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Battle Through The Heavens Season 5
Rating 9.2
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Battle Through The Heavens Season 5

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Doupo Cangqiong Season 5, Fights Break Sphere Season 5, 斗破苍穹 第5季,
Status: Ongoing Network: , , Studio: Released: Jul 31, 2022 Duration: 20 min per ep Season: Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 52 Fansub: Lucifer Donghua & 3D Anime Official Casts: Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Battle Through The Heavens Season 5

Watch Online-1080p: Doupo Cangqiong Season 5Fights Break Sphere Season 5Battle Through the Heavens Season 5斗破苍穹 第5季 (chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) All Episode English sub

After three years of not seeing each other, Xiao Yan finally met Xun’er at Jia Nan Academy. After that, they became closer and established the Stone Gate (Pan Gate).

In order to continue to improve his strength and avenge him on the Misty Cloud Sect, he risked continuing to go deeper into the Qi Refining Pagoda to devour the Fallen Heart Flame



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  1. Gihan says:

    The next episode of this anime wil come soon ?

  2. Hii sir 😊 battle through the heavens new episode s

  3. Tikki says:

    How many episodes will it have?

  4. Xio xan says:

    Sir please new episode

  5. Harshit says:

    Next episode

  6. Amit kukar says:

    Battle through the heaven

  7. Don says:

    Next episode

  8. Abhi says:

    Why the site is not working

  9. LakiRash says:

    Please give next episodes soon

  10. Omkar patil says:

    After 52 episode complete then next season comeing any announcement for Release season 6 of battel Through the Heaven

  11. Alex says:

    Any Idea When will Season 6 air?

  12. MRaj says:

    Season 6 any update

  13. Ashu says:

    Episode 52 when come

  14. Wizard says:

    Next season will gona be a 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 so excited for next season

  15. Vishal says:

    Guys please upload atleast 2 episodes per week ,this will be better comparing to one episode.

    1. admin says:

      bro not possiible

  16. Manpreet says:

    Bro is next episode final one or is it gonna continue and any update on Swallowing stars ??

    1. admin says:

      next episode will come on this Sunday….

  17. Nantu sahoo says:

    I’m watching from India .
    This one is the top class anime.

  18. Lalit says:

    Sir next epsode dalie, bahat intresting anime h lat lag gaya h,
    Sir please uploade next episode, it become habitual

  19. Suman Narzary says:

    Best anime

  20. RISHI says:

    Sur when will ep 57 come

  21. RISHI says:

    Thank you sir

  22. Lx. says:

    Sir How to download Episode in this website. Please give me the method

  23. Xyph says:

    Can i have the source of the picture used ? I want to use is as wall paper

  24. Kartikeya says:

    Why you don’t show proper story like manga atlest you show a hug btw yun yun and xioa yan we want boldness as a manga

  25. insane says:

    just waiting fpr episode 66

  26. Nafi says:

    When will come 67 ep ?

  27. JAAT SHAB says:


  28. Buan gangmei says:

    Sir can u guys release 2 episode every Sunday ? Tired of waiting haha

  29. Satendra says:

    Every episode should be of 30 minutes, why do you people make such short episodes and upload them only every Sunday when there are so many episodes of Paheli Novel left, then you people should also understand a little, sir.

  30. Satendra says:

    If you are doing this just for ratings then it is very wrong sir. You want people to finish the 1st generation by the time the 1st novel is over, after that you will start making the 2nd novel, this is not too much sir.

    1. admin says:

      i am not doing this buddy, i am only providing videos, this stuff done by official.

  31. Om says:

    Sir how many episodes in it

  32. Om says:

    Next seasion 6 come

  33. Om says:

    Sir please provide answer of my question

  34. Om says:

    How many seasons and how many episode in bbth

  35. Om says:

    Sir please tell me total episode in bbth all seasons

  36. Nikhil says:

    How many watch to hindi dubbed

  37. Jod anime says:

    Best anime ever no one can beat this anime in future

  38. Hun tiandi says:

    Hello sir Do you know how many more episodes are coming 🥺🙂

  39. Yamato says:

    Sir when ep 87 will come🙂

  40. Yamato says:

    Sir when ep 87 and other ep will come🙂

    1. admin says:

      upcomimn sunday

  41. Hun tiandi says:

    Sir when season 6 release? And how many in season 6?

  42. Hun tiandi says:

    sir according to the Chinese official studio there is going to be 3 ep next week is it true news?

  43. hr says:

    plz no more cut

  44. Livia says:

    All episode already released and you are posting it one by one right? Be honest please

  45. Jitendra Sharma says:

    Battle Through Season 5 Ep6 Hindi

  46. Yui says:

    When will battle through the heaven complete,…final episode?

  47. kai says:

    bro after completing 104 episodes. when other season will start?

    1. admin says:

      not sure buddy

  48. Govind suryavanshi says:

    Sir tell me a thing that when the season 6 will come and how many episodes are remaining for the ending of season 5 and thank you for making this unbelievable and unstoppable anime or whatever series it is very good and also it’s novel

    1. admin says:

      i am not sure when season 6 release

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