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Spring 2022


Shi Kong Zhi Xi [Space Time Rift]

13 episodes · ONA Completed Space Time Rift, Time and Space, 时空之隙

Watch Online: Shi kong Zhi Xi – Space-Time Rift时空之隙 (chinese anime donghua 2022) English Sub on LuciferDonghua.in

Unstable energies of the present world and an alternate realm have ripped open a rift between time and space. It is the only passage where monsters from the alternate realm can enter the world. To stop the invading monsters, a group of chosen people steps forward to fight and protect the world at the rift.


Sword Quest

12 episodes · Completed Xun Jian, 寻剑

Watch online full 1080 HD ( stream ) : Xun JianSword Quest寻剑 all episode in English sub ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season LuciferDonghua.in

My master asks me to go down the mountain to the secular world. To fulfill his last wish, I get married and live with my wife’s family as an appendage. People call me a loser, but who could imagine I’m an incomparable sword master? I don’t care how people look at me. I’m living with my wife’s family, so what? I will show you who I am?


Word of Honor

Passion Paint Animation
24 episodes · ONA Completed Word of Honor, 君有云 , Jun You Yun

Watch Online Full HD [Stream]: Word of HonorJun You Yun  episode 01 English Sub 君有云 1st season ( chinese anime donghua 2022 ) LuciferDonghua.in

After leaving the Academy, four youths go on a journey full of dangers through the martial world to uncover the truths and secrets of their identities and ultimately, to become “junzi”, noble men of honor. They follow the path of honor strictly, living honorably and enacting justice with their own strength


You’re A Genius

Mili Pictures
24 episodes · ONA Completed Ni Zhenshi Ge Tiancai, 你真是个天才

Watch online full 1080 HD:  Ni Zhenshi Ge TiancaiYou’re A Genius你真是个天才 ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All Episode English sub

In an alternate world, there are two continents, the East Continent and the West Continent. In the snow-capped mountain areas in the north of the West Continent lives a mysterious tribe. The south is controlled by the great Qin Kingdom. The energy of the world comes from the power of devils, which helps the Qin Kingdom to defeat numerous rivals and overcome disasters and build a prosperous civilization. Our story begins when a boy from the northern tribe has the power to defeat devils. He begins a journey in the southern continent abundant with the power of devils.