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1st Kiss [Ni De Rensheng Shi Wo Lai Chi Le]

17 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 1st Kiss, 你的人生是我来迟了, Ni De Rensheng Shi Wo Lai Chi Le

In the name of “sister”, Jiang Lan adopted Gu Chi, who no one wanted to take care of, and became a ray of light in Gu Chi’s dark life. Gu Chi also gradually fell in love with this beautiful “sister”. Will the age gap hinder the development of their relationship? How will the domineering “sister” respond to the “brother’s” confession?

Watch online full: 1st Kiss [Ni De Rensheng Shi Wo Lai Chi Le] (2023) ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


A Record of a Mortal Journey to Immortality [All Season Playlist]

Original Force, Wonder Cat Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing A Record of a Mortal Journey to Immortality [All Season Playlist], A Record of a Mortal Journey to Immortality, Fanren Xiu Xian Chuan: Fanren Feng Qi Tian Nan, 凡人修仙传

Watch online full: A Record of a Mortal Journey to Immortality [All Season Playlist], A Record of a Mortal Journey to Immortality, Fanren Xiu Xian Chuan: Fanren Feng Qi Tian Nan, 凡人修仙传  Lucifer Donghua ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2024 ) 1st Season All episode English sub,

A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, he must successfully traverse the treacherous path of cultivation and avoid the notice of those who may do him harm. This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and ancient celestials in order to find his own path towards immortality.


A Record of A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Original Force, Wan Wei Mao Donghua
17 episodes · Completed 凡人修仙传之凡人风起天南

A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, he must successfully traverse the treacherous path of cultivation and avoid the notice of those who may do him harm. This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and ancient celestials in order to find his own path towards immortality.

(Source: Wuxia World)

A Record of A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality


A Will Eternal

52 episodes · ONA Ongoing Yi Nian Yong Heng, 一念永恒

Watch online full 1080 HD ( stream ): Yi Nian Yong HengA Will Eternal { 一念永恒 } All episode  English sub ( chinese anime | donghua 2020 ) 

One will create oceans. One will summon the mulberry fields. One will slaughter countless devils. One will eradicate innumerable immortals. Only my will… is eternal. A Will Eternal tells the tale of Bai Xiaochun, an endearing but exasperating young man who is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but who deeply values friendship and family. (Source: Novel Updates)

against-the-gods-3d-chinese-anime (2)

Against the Gods (2023)

31 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Against the Gods, Ni tian Xie Shen, 逆天邪神3D,逆天邪神

His meridians were destroyed. He was abandoned by his clan, mocked by the world as useless trash, and murdered on the night of his wedding… but thanks to the Mirror of Samsara, his destiny was reversed and he was reborn into the world, filled with both hatred and regret. He swore that this time, he would reach the pinnacle of power!

Watch online full: Against the GodsNitian Xie Shen  ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

alchemy-supreme-2023-lucifer-donghua-chinese-anime (1)

Alchemy Supreme (2023)

? episodes · DONGHUA Hiatus Alchemy Supreme, Dan Dao Zhizun , 丹道至尊

Watch online: Alchemy Supreme (2023) – Dan Dao Zhizun – ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


In the ancient medicine continent, there are thousands of races, and the alchemist is revered; twin martial arts have reappeared in the world! Drunk and lying on the lap of a beautiful woman, achieving the supreme level of alchemy!


Ancient Lords (2024)

16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Ancient Lords, 一世之尊之少年侠气 一世之尊, 一世之尊, The Lord of One Life, The Squid Loves Diving

Watch online full: Ancient Lords一世之尊The Lord of One Life, The Squid Loves Diving Chinese anime/donghua 2024 1st Season All episode English sub


Time traveler Meng Qi only wants to be a merry and graceful swordman, but he suddenly becomes the world-renowned “Mad Monk” in accomplishing his repeated and unlimited mission in the “reincarnation space”. However, all this turns out to be planned by a powerful ancient lord. The story tells how the invincible and funny monk makes his way around in the world of martial arts and becomes a legendary swordman.


Ancient Lords (Yishi Zhi Zun)

45 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Ancient Lords , Yishi Zhi Zun , 一世之尊

Meng Qi is a time traveler who always wants to be a charming swordsman in white. But unexpectedly, he becomes a world-renowned “mad monk holding a blade” while accomplishing a tough mission in the infinitely continuous “time travel”. Yet, everything turns out to be the trick of an ancient lord. This story tells the legend of a funny monk who wanders around in the world of martial arts and the three realms.


Watch online full: Ancient Lords (Yishi Zhi Zun) ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Big Brother

Sparkly Key Animation
? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 我师兄实在太稳健了,Wo Shixiong Shizai Tai Wenjian Le,My Senior Brother Is Too Steady,师兄啊师兄,Shixiong A Shixiong

Li Changshou, a terminally ill young man, was accidentally reborn in the ancient times before the Conferred God War and became a Qi refiner. In order to cultivate immortality and live in the cruel wilderness, he acted in a low-key manner, planned everything before he acted, never stepped into danger easily, hid his cards, practiced escapism, and refined erysipelas, until one day, his master suddenly gave him After taking in a junior sister and returning, Li Changshou, who wanted to cultivate in a low-key manner, was involved in many adventures. Be as steady as an old dog if you don’t move, startle when you move, and leave quietly after moving. While defeating evil enemies, you can make like-minded friends and realize your own life value.

Watch online full: Big Brother – Wo Shixiong Shizai Tai Wenjian Le ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Blader Soul [Bu Xing Si: Yuan Qi] (2024)

18 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Blader Soul [Bu Xing Si: Yuan Qi] (2024), Blader Soul, 捕星司·源起

Watch online full: Blader Soul – [Bu Xing Si: Yuan Qi] Chinese anime/donghua 2024 1st Season All episode English sub

Two youths living in the shadows of two great families longed for Penglai, the legendary immortal realm. The Ganshi Star flied across the sky. Spellcasters invaded. The star stone was cast into a vessel. The power hidden inside their bodies was awakened, so was a desire they had not known before.


Brick of Heaven (2024)

Tang Kirin Culture
18 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Brick of Heaven, 天庭板砖侠 , Tianting Banzhuan Xia

Watch online full: Brick of Heaven (2024) –  天庭板砖侠 –  Tianting Banzhuan Xia ( chinese anime | donghua  anime 2024 ) 1st All episode English sub

Li Ji, a genius student in the Department of Architecture, is kidnapped by an alien creature called Dark Kirin and taken to a secret realm called Po Nian Space. In the secret realm is the ruins of the ancient heaven. Dark Kirin tells him that if he wants to go back, he must pass the test of heaven, and this test is to rebuild the heaven…


Carpenter Assassin (2023)

13 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Carpenter Assassin, Jinyi Shen Jiag, 锦衣神匠

Shen Wen, a scholar from the Qinan Prefecture, is good at carpentry skills. He is inadvertently involved in a theft case of a palace secret treasure. The secret treasure is actually related to the case where his whole family was wiped out. Shen Wen decides to secretly arrange to infiltrate Beizhen Fusi to find out the truth about that year.

Watch online full: Carpenter Assassin (2023)Jinyi Shen Jiag  ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Chief Soul Master [Shouxi Yu Ling Shi] All Season Collection

Suoyi Technology
40 episodes · ONA Ongoing Chief Soul Manipulator, Chief Soul Master,Shouxi Yu Ling Shi, 首席御灵师

Last century, Shi Dali was sealed for 100 years, but he accidentally discovered Qingqing, the celestial nine-tailed fox. He started his path to become Chief Soul Master, to find out the mistery of his origin and to protect the world.

dragon-prince-yuan-yuan-zun-2024-lucifer-donghua (2)

Dragon Prince Yuan [Yuan Zun] (2024)

Motion Magic
? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Dragon Prince Yuan [Yuan Zun] (2024), Dragon Prince Yuan , Yuan Zun , Venerable Yuan , 元尊

Watch online full: Dragon Prince YuanYuan Zun –  元尊 Lucifer Donghua .in ( chinese anime | donghua 2024 ) 8th Season All episode English sub

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Tiancan Tudou, this is a world belonging to Origin Qi, called Tianyuan Realm, which is majestic and majestic, and Origin Qi can move mountains, topple seas, overturn the sky, and control the universe of Yin and Yang. Zhou Yuan, a young man from the Great Zhou Dynasty, was threatened by an enemy country with hundreds of millions of his people. “The python swallowed the dragon” and took away the “holy dragon’s destiny” that originally belonged to him. As a result, Zhou Yuan has been riddled with poisonous energy and tortured for more than ten years. Young Zhou Yuan enters the ancestral land and meets the mysterious girl Yaoyao. He releases the shackles of his own strength and bravely saves his family, country and the world. The young man writes and the dragon and snake dance! Split the troubled world and light up the sky! I have a breath of black and yellow energy that can swallow up the heaven, earth, sun, moon and stars. In this world of Origin Qi, Zhou Yuan, a young man with no obvious eight meridians, began the road to nirvana where his fate was hanging upside down and his life was reversed…‌‌


Falling Mystic Master

16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Duo Xuan Shi , Falling Mystic Master , 堕玄师

Chu Yue, the ace of the modern Z organization, was framed to death, and under the guidance of the system’s Nine Desolation Mirror, his soul traveled to the Nine Desolation World, and under the system’s mandatory tasks, he continued to practice and become stronger in order to survive. While performing system tasks and practicing adventures, Chu Yue discovered the shocking secrets hidden in the original owner of the body he was wearing, and also made friends with Si Xiaonan, Cangyun Sansheng, Jiu Gongzi, Dongzhixue, etc., and even more Possess confidantes such as Bai Pan, Shen Ran, Fei Qian, and mysterious beast wool. As Chu Yue unearthed more and more secrets about the original owner of the body, he unexpectedly discovered that he was not the only host of the Nine Desolation Mirror System, but there were other hosts of the Nine Desolation Mirror System in the Nine Desolation World. Therefore, in order to unravel the secrets of the original owner of the body and investigate the Nine Desolation Mirror System, Chu Yue traveled all over the Nine Desolation World with his friends and confidants, finally solved the mystery, and also got rid of the Nine Desolation Mirror System, becoming the strongest in the Nine Desolation World .


Watch online full: Falling Mystic MasterDuo Xuan Shi ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Fatal Rule [Shenyuan Youxi] (2023)

16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Fatal Rule [Shenyuan Youxi] (2023), The Abyss Game, 深渊游戏

Watch online: Fatal Rule – Shenyuan Youxi – 深渊游戏 – ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

Qiao Jingting, having unexpectedly enter the abyss game to avoid enslavement, forms an alliance with the vengeful veteran player Shu Ai and the mysterious youth Bai Er against the evil ruler Han Bin and his organization, Heart Moon Fox. After a life-and-death struggle, just when they believe they are about to achieve victory, they discover they have fallen into Han Bin’s trap, facing a desperate situation. Even more frightening is that with this failure, the trust among the three quickly collapses. In a critical moment, the arrival of the super expert and rough man Zou Yidao changes the power dynamics in the entire novice village and brings a glimmer of hope for escape to Qiao Jingting and his companions. Unfortunately, the trio soon realizes that Zou Yidao, who managed to escape the crisis, seems to lack a clear sense of good and evil compared to Han Bin and only cares about his own goals. Moreover, at this moment, he seems to have reached some kind of “deal” with Han Bin. In the increasing despair, Qiao Jingting and his companions keenly perceive the true nature hidden beneath Zou Yidao’s “playful” appearance, and through this, they sense the irreconcilable contradictions between Han Bin and Zou Yidao. Seizing the opportunity, they unite with Zou Yidao and ultimately defeat Han Bin. However, what Qiao Jingting and the others never expected is that just as they leave the novice village ready to showcase their abilities, they encounter a series of threats in the outside world far more formidable than those brought by the once powerful Han Bin, posing an unknown multiple of enormous crises.


Five Elements of War God [Wuhang Zhanshen]

50 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Five Elements God of War , 五行战神 ,Wuhang Zhanshen

A slashing sword was obtained by Shi Huang, a young man in the small town, and he has since assumed the role of saving the world; enrolling in Tianbei College, not to humiliate his youth, Shi Huang rose up to resist the power of the family; Tan!

In the vast world, where the planes meet, there are thousands of races, and a gathering of heroes. One after another, the supreme beings from the lower planes, in this endless world, the performers of desirable legends pursue the road of dominance.

Watch online full: Five Elements of War God [Wuhang Zhanshen] ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng (2023)

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng (2023), One Step Ten Thousand Ancient , 独步万古 , Dubu Wangu

Dan Dao genius Ye Feng, betrayed and ambushed during his breakthrough beyond the constraints of heaven and earth, finds himself transported 500 years into the future. Driven by vengeance, Ye Feng embarks on the path of cultivation once again, tirelessly advancing his skills while unraveling the mysteries of the heavenly way. With astonishing effort and innate talent, he becomes renowned across the Nine Continents, walking among the heavens. This is the epic tale of an extraordinary emperor filled with passion and bloodshed.

Watch online full: Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng (2023)Dubu Wangu独步万古 ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Hidden Sect Leader (2024)

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Hidden Sect Leader (2024), 隐世宗门掌教

Watch online full: Hidden Sect Leader (2024)隐世宗门掌教 ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

Jiang Beichen traveled to the fantasy world, accidentally obtained the strongest teaching system, and established the “Immortal Sect”. In the early days of the sect, he had to rely on kidnapping the children of destiny to upgrade the sect. Every day, he has to pretend to be a master and deceive a group of talented disciples who admire him. Slowly, Jiang Beichen discovered that his small sect had really become the top hidden sect!


Honor of Kings: Chapter of Glory (2024)

4 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Honor of Kings: Li Bai Broken Moon, Wangzhe Rongyao: Rongyao Zhi Zhang, 王者荣耀:荣耀之章

Watch online: Honor of Kings: Li Bai Broken MoonWangzhe Rongyao: Rongyao Zhi Zhang王者荣耀:荣耀之章 ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

On the vast continent of kings, heroes with bright stars break through obstacles and pursue their dreams. What is a hero? To transcend yourself and realize the ultimate beauty; to move forward with a heavy load and understand the true meaning of love; to pursue strength and never give up. We write biographies for heroes and open a new chapter of love and courage.


I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators

? episodes · Ongoing 我气哭了百万修炼者

I Annoyed Millions of Cultivators tells the story of a Jiangbei student who fought valiantly at the subway station and was blessed by the system. Fortunately, he hosts the system and travels to another world. In this different world filled with cultivators, Jiangbei had gone from being trash in a small town to a genius child in everyone’s eyes. Relying on the system, Jiangbei had started the path of improvement and became stronger just by playing with treasures and upsetting people. After a series of chaos and poetry battles, Jiangbei gradually developed feelings for his relatives here.


I Picked Up An Attribute

16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed I Picked Up An Attribute , 我捡起了一地属性 , Wo Jian Qile Yi Di Shuxing ,

Feng Xia, a completely hardworking game player, travels through time and space. With his power, attributes, and strategies learned from the games he played before, he can beat his enemies and get their Light Masses of Attributes. Besides, he also meets all kinds of beauties along the way… His enemies laugh: “My martial arts are invincible!” Feng Xia just beats them and absorbs their Light Masses. “Indeed. But sorry, it’s my martial arts now!”


Watch online full: I Picked Up An Attribute我捡起了一地属性Wo Jian Qile Yi Di Shuxing , ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub



? episodes · DONGHUA Completed Jiangu , 剑骨

Ning Yi, a grassroots boy in Xiling, has a special gluttonous physique, and he lives with Pei Fan who is a blood feud. Later, he has a bond with the mysterious girl Xu Qingyan because of the rare bone flute. He also helped him achieve the honor of the sword bearer, and shouldered the responsibility of saving the common people and the light of the world.


Watch online full: Jiangu ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Land of the Keyboard Immortal (2024)

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Land of the Keyboard Immortal (2024), Lu Di Jian Xian , 陆地键仙

Watch online full: Land of the Keyboard ImmortalLu Di Jian Xian 陆地键仙 Lucifer Donghua ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2024 ) 1st All episode English sub

The top of the immortals, proud of the world, as long as I am the ancestor, there will be heaven. There are three million sword immortals in the world. They must bow their eyebrows when meeting me. I am the key immortal and I should suppress all enemies in the world. Who can claim to be invincible and who can say that they are invincible? ?‌‌


Law of the Devil (2023)

CG Year
24 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Law of the Devil , Emo Faze , 恶魔法则 , the Law of the Devil

Duwei is born into this new world from Earth without a sound, he does not cry, he simply stares at the people around him. As he grows he does not speak and curses this new world he was forced into.

His Father a Great General is sure there must be something he has an aptitude for, however he is simply trash. Disregarded by his family as the Retarded heir.

This is the story of his journey to discover the truths of this world and use the knowledge of his past life to remove his title of retard, even if he has to become a devil.

Watch online full: Law of the Devil , Emo Faze , 恶魔法则 ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

legend-of-soldier-2024-lucifer-donghua.l (1)

Legend of Soldier (2024)

26 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Legend of Soldier (2024), Legend of Soldier,小兵传奇, Xiao Bing Chuanqi

Watch online full: Legend of Soldier (2024)Xiao Bing Chuanqi ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2024) 1st Season All episode English sub

It is adapted from “The Legend of Xiaobing”, one of the three most wonderful books in the Internet literary world. Interstellar wars have lasted for hundreds of years, with various civilizations fighting against each other. Tang Long, who cherished the dream of a marshal, relied on his wisdom to stop the Silver Eagle Empire’s plan to provoke a black hole bomb war. He got acquainted with the federal central computer Xingling, experienced brutal training from mechanical instructors, rescued the self-propelled gunboat team, and led a company of female soldiers to re-enter the war. He was freed, but little did he know that what was waiting for him was a bigger conspiracy of the enemy…


Legend of Xianwu [Xianwu Emperor]

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Legend of Xianwu, Xianwu Emperor, 仙武传 , Legend of Xianwu Season 2, Xianwu Emperor Season 2, 仙武传2定档

Ye Chen, a disused apprentice from the sect, was expelled from the sect and had no home to call home. By chance, he got a real fire by chance, and then embarked on the road of immortal martial arts. This is a world where gods, demons, immortals, and Buddhas stand side by side. This is an era of chaos in the heavens and myriad realms. Ye Chen’s journey against the sky began from this point, and after going through hardships and reincarnation, he finally reached the pinnacle of the great road .

Watch online full: Legend of Xianwu [Xianwu Emperor] ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) Season 1 and 2 All episode English sub


Legendary Twins

19 episodes · Completed Legendary Twins, Juedai Shuang Jiao, 绝代双骄

The novel is about a pair of twin brothers who, because of a feud between two formidable martial artists, were separated at birth and raised on opposing sides. As of 2020, it has been adapted into four films and eight television series On LuciferDonghua.in.

Watch online full: Legendary TwinsJuedai Shuang Jiao绝代双骄 – ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Lord of all lords (2024)

26 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Lord of all lords , 圣祖 , Sheng Zu

Watch online: Lord of all lordsSheng Zu圣祖 ( Chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

This is a brand-new evolved world of Investiture Of The Gods. King Zhou, Jiang Ziya, Su Daji, and Yang Jian will all be defined differently. There are Emperors, the Three Emperors of Flaming Cloud Cave; There are Saints, the Three Pure Ones of Taoism; There are also Primeval Gods and Devils, Chiyou and Xingtian; There is a youth named Luo Lie, who is about to unravel a new age Investiture Of The Gods, with the slogan ‘I am no hero, but peerless nonetheless’!


Martial God Asura (2023)

52 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Martial God Asura, Xiu Luo Wu Shen, 修罗武神

One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him.

Watch online full: Martial God AsuraXiu Luo Wu Shen ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Martial Universe [Wu Dong Qian Kun]

Shanghai Motion Magic
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 武动乾坤, Wu Dong Qian Kun

The Great Yan Empire exists in a world where respect can only be earned through strength. Within this Great Yan Empire, the four great clans have always stood above the rest. Among them, a particular incident in the Lin Clan resulted in the banishment of a certain individual who went on to start his own family, in hopes of one day being recognized again by the Lin Clan, and rejoining them…

Hailing from a banished family of the Great Lin Clan, when Lin Dong was very young, he watched, powerless, as his talented father was easily crushed and crippled by the overwhelming genius of the great Lin Clan, Lin Langtian. With a despairing father, a heartbroken grandfather, and a suffering family, ever since that fateful day, Lin Dong has been driven by a deep purpose; to take revenge on the man who had taken everything and more from his family.
Armed with nothing but willpower and determination, join Lin Dong as he unknowingly discovers a destiny greater than he could ever hope to imagine when he stumbles upon a mysterious stone talisman…


Mysterious Treasures [Shen Cang] (2023)

? episodes · DONGHUA Completed Mysterious Treasures , Shen Cang , 神藏

Modern-day Daoist Fang Yi wakes up one day with a superpower—the ability to sense antiques and artifacts! From there, he becomes an artifact-collecting wonder. Countless treasures all become his, and he leads his band of brothers on a journey to the very peak of life!

Watch online full: Mysterious Treasures [Shen Cang] (2023) ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Novoland Eagle Flag

26 episodes · Ongoing Novoland Eagle Flag, 九州缥缈录 ,Jiuzhou Piaomiao Lu, Kyushu Misty Record

The series follows the rise of three young would-be heroes and their struggle against an evil warlord and swelling dark forces. Lü Guichen is the Crown Prince of the nomadic Qingyang tribe, and is sent to Hetang Kingdom in Eastern Continent as hostage.


Watch online full: Novoland Eagle Flag九州缥缈录Jiuzhou Piaomiao LuKyushu Misty Record ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Oh! My Goddess!

18 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Oh My Goddess, Nv Shen You Dian Ling, 女神有点灵,

The heroine, who has been in a bond with the hero since she was a child, is out of her body due to an accident, but the hero has the ability to see ghosts. How will this unpredictable love unfold in the midst of heartbeats? Yao Ling and Hu Xiaozhen, who parted ways due to a misunderstanding in childhood, reunited in the academy after they grew up. The infatuated female MC hopes to continue writing a sweet love story with the male MC. Under the design and temptation of the mysterious administrator Ma Shen(god), Yao Ling and Hu Xiaozhen became acting administrators to continue their love practice on the condition of helping the spirit body achieve their long-cherished wish. Through the experience of missions again and again, the relationship between Hu and Yao has become deeper and deeper, and they are moving toward the correct way of their love. But the true purpose of the god Ma gradually implicates the operating laws behind the world, and more and more mysteries and dangers lie between the male and female MC.

Watch online full: Oh! My Goddess! – Nv Shen You Dian Ling  ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Otherworldly Evil Monarch (2024)

? episodes · DONGHUA Completed Otherworldly Evil Monarch (2024) , Yiren Jun Moxie, 异人君莫邪

Watch online: Otherworldly Evil Monarch (2024)Yiren Jun Moxie ( Chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

Jun Xie was the number one assassin in modern earth. His skills and knowledge in the field of assassination were unparalleled, his accomplishments unprecedented, his reputation terrified the entire underworld. However, during a mission to retrieve a mystical treasure, a mishap occurred… He is now Jun Moxie, a sixteen year old super level debauchee, sole heir to the declining Jun family. A family of valiant heroes, left with an old grandpa, a crippled uncle and a debauchee as the sole heir! Accepting the world’s criticism and cold stares with a smile, his new journey begins! His life will be carved by his own will! Rise to the top! Evil Monarch Jun Xie!


Peerless Battle Spirit [Jueshi Zhan Hun] (2024)

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Peerless Battle Spirit [Jueshi Zhan Hun] (2024), Peerless Battle Spirit [Jueshi Zhan Hun] (2024), Peerless Battle Spirit, Jueshi Zhan Hun, 绝世战魂

Watch online full: Peerless Battle Spirit [Jueshi Zhan Hun] (2024)Peerless Battle Spirit ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2024) 1st Season All episode English sub

One episode is updated every Tuesday and Saturday


The Xuanling Sect, the head of the four major sects, came to Shuicheng to select disciples for the first time in many years. The Fang and Qin families started fighting openly and secretly around this opportunity that would determine their fate. In the end, Qin Nan relied on his dedicated training, excellent talent, and the God of War Soul obtained by chance, and under the fair judgment of the messenger Xiao Qingxue, he successfully reversed the decline and defeated the Fang family. After entering the sect, Qin Nan aroused the hatred of Ouyang Jun, the son of the sect leader, because of his involvement in Xiao Qingxue’s forced marriage. In order to continue to become stronger and repay Xiao Qingxue’s kindness, Qin Nan repeatedly defeated powerful enemies, won the first place in the Wanxiang Competition and the Outer Sect Competition, entered the Wuyuan Pavilion with the four major sect geniuses, and obtained the power to stir up the continent. A shocking secret, an appointment with Leng Feng to fight in the Palace of Life and Death, overcoming the siege of Linshui City by the Beihai family, exploring the Nine-Character Mantra Tower, and vowing to fight to the end against the evil forces of the sect.


Renegade Immortal [Xian Ni] (2023)

24 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Renegade Immortal,Xian Ni, 仙逆

Wang Lin is a very smart boy with loving parents. Although he and his parents are shunned by the rest of their relatives, his parents always held high hopes that he will one day become someone great. One day, Wang Lin suddenly gained the chance to walk the path of an immortal but found that he only had mediocre talent at best. Watch Wang Lin as he breaks through his lack of talent and walks the path towards becoming a real immortal!

Watch online full: Renegade Immortal [Xian Ni] ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Reversal Dimension: The Rise of AI

Cloud Art
12 episodes · ONA Completed Reversal Dimension: The Rise of AI, Ni Zhuan Ci Yuan: AI Jue Qi, 逆转次元:AI崛起

Watch online full: Reversal Dimension: The Rise of AI –  Ni Zhuan Ci Yuan: AI Jue Qi ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Shi Jiajie and Xiao Lei, who used the game as a livelihood, accidentally received the entry of the “Epoch” game. In order to win a huge prize in the game, Shi Jiajie decided to enter the game. As everyone knows, but it is involved in the inexplicable pursuit, but this is only the prelude to this layer of conspiracy…

(Source: Donghua Info)


Shrouding The Heavens (2023)

Original Force
? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Shrouding the Heavens , Zhe Tian , 遮天

Watch online full: Shrouding The HeavensZhe Tian ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Since The Red Moon Appeared (2024)

Foch Films
16 episodes · ONA Completed Since The Red Moon Appeared (2024), Cong Hong Yue Kaishi, 从红月开始

Watch online full: Since The Red Moon Appeared (2024)Cong Hong Yue Kaishi ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

The story tells the story of a blood-red moon suddenly appearing in the sky, which is known as the red moon event in history. The remaining survivors had to hide in the city protected by high walls. Among the survivors, some people also suffered from mental mutations. Among them, those who could not control their own mental mutations would emit mental plague and radiation. It contaminates the normal people around it and poses a great threat to the surviving humans. In order to solve the source of the pollution, High Wall City established a special pollution cleanup department, recruiting people who can control spiritual energy, and our protagonist Lu Xin is applying for the most dangerous cleanup department!


Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
26 episodes · Completed 斗罗大陆

Tang San is one of Tang Sect martial art clan’s most prestigious disciples and peerless in the use of hidden weapons. With high expectations, the sect’s elders believe his future will be bright; yet Tang chooses to forsake this life at the cost of obtaining the sect’s forbidden lore—an action punishable by death. Tang, now content with his ascension of knowledge, sees no reason to keep on living and jumps from Hell’s Peak, but little did he know that that would not be the end of his existence.

In Douluo Continent, the strong prevail and the weak perish. Each person possesses an innate spirit, some of which can be cultivated and strengthened, bestowing its user with various benefits. Those who were born with such spirits can become Spirit Masters, a profession regarded as one of the continent’s most noble.

Tang, reincarnated into this strange world, knows only the life of a blacksmith’s son. At the age of six, he takes part in the Spirit Master ceremony, and discovers his spirit is Blue Silver Grass—supposedly the world’s most useless spirit. In contrast, however, he possesses strong spirit power. Now, aided by the memories of his previous life as well, Tang’s future as a Spirit Master is in no way bleak.


Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Sect (2023)

Sparkly Key Animation
52 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Soul Land 2 : The Unrivaled Tang Sect, Douluo Dalu 2: Jueshi Tangmen , 斗罗大陆2绝世唐门 , 斗罗大陆Ⅱ绝世唐门 , soul land II Peerless Tang Sect , Douluo Dalu II Peerless Tang Sect

Watch online full: Soul Land 2 : The Unrivaled Tang SectDouluo Dalu 2: Jueshi Tangmen ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

A world without magic, without Dou-Qi, without martial arts, but with Essence Spirits. On the Douluo Continent ten thousand years after the Tang Sect was founded, the Tang Sect declined. A generation of Tianjiao is born, can the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters revive the Tang Sect and compose a peerless Tang Sect song? A million-year-old soul beast, holding the sun, the moon, and the stars, the holy god of death, and the brand-new soul tool system that led to the decline of the Tang Sect. All the magic will be revealed one by one. Can the hidden weapons of the Tang Sect regain its glory, and can the Tang Sect regain its


Soul Of Light (2023)

13 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Soul Of Light , Zhen Yang Wushen , 真阳武神

Some people say that the world is a great sea of ​​suffering, people in the sea, the body is the boat, and the soul is the people in the boat, sailing to the other shore. The Daqian Dynasty was prosperous in the spring and autumn, and the country was prosperous, and the world was honored. However, under the powerful surface, the undercurrent was already surging. The enemies from far and near were staring at each other, and the eight demons were about to move. Monitor the world. In such a world of great controversy.


Watch online full: Soul Of LightZhen Yang Wushen ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Spiritual Lord of Chaos

20 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Spiritual Lord of Chaos, Primordial Spiritual Lord, 洪荒灵尊,超燃开播

Above mortals, the immortal path is prosperous. In this world of cultivating immortals and refining the Tao, the first thing that comes first is money. Chu Tian, ​​a poor student from Tianfeng Academy, inherited a huge fortune of tens of billions, thus starting a “spending money life”. trip”. Based on the principle of “not wasting social resources”, Chutian bought a top-notch mansion, equipped it with the best equipment, monopolized Tianfeng City’s high-end fine elixirs and talismans, lived a life of spending money like water, and truly reached the superego state of treating money like dirt. At this time, under the calm surface of Tianfeng City, an undercurrent surged, and the dark forces in the city’s wolfish ambition to dominate the world was clearly revealed. Soon Chutian was targeted by the dark forces and developed a hatred for it, and was hunted down by the dark forces.

Watch online full: Primordial Spiritual LordSpiritual Lord of Chaos  ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Star Martial God Technique

Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes · Upcoming Xing Wu Shen Jue,星武神诀

In the entire world there are twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legend these twelve paths lead to the legendary path of immortality. But this path in the Tower of God, is too long, without end. In ancient times there were many types of martial arts, unfortunately the world underwent terrible changes, and only three remained: Fire, Dragon and Star Martial Arts. This generation of experts from all three martial arts seeks the path of immortality. This is the story of a star martial arts practitioner who begins his life journey with two beautiful girls by his side, planning to become a Great God.


Supreme Sword God

Xing Yi Kai Chen
? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Supreme Sword God, 剑道第一仙, Jiandao Diyi Xian

Watch online full: Supreme Sword God  – 剑道第一仙 – Jiandao Diyi Xian – Lucifer Donghua ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2024 ) 1st All episode English sub

In his previous life, the protagonist Su Yi was the respected XuanJun Sword Master in Dahuang. In order to pursue supreme swordsmanship, he chose to reincarnate and retrain. After reincarnation, Su Yi’s new identity is the servant of the Su family in zhou Yujing’s kingdom. But, he bravely ran away from home at the age of fourteen and went to Qinghe Sword House to practice. Never thought that three years later, when Su Yi would become the core disciple of Qinghe Sword House, he suddenly lost his cultivation level overnight and became a paralyzed person, thus becoming an abandoned disciple of Qinghe Sword House. Su Yi, who fell into a slump, was forced to accept the Su family’s power arrangement and became the son-in-law of the Wen family, one of the three major clans in the remote town. His wife, Wen Lingzhao, is the most beautiful woman in Guangling City. She rejected this marriage in her heart, never admitted that Su Yi was her husband, and desperately wanted to dissolve the marriage. As for Su Yi, one year after he became a son-in-law, he evoked memories of his past life, and finally realized that in his past life, he was the famous Xuanjun Sword Master. in Dahuang Jiuzhou! Su Yi embarked on the road to rising. Like his wife Wen Lingzhao, he also wanted to dissolve the marriage. Moreover, in order to know the truth about his mother’s death, he began to fight the power of the Su family. When these grievances are resolved, Su Yi will return to Dahuang Jiuzhou to find the disciples who betrayed him one by one and end his grievances.


Swallowed Star Season 1

26 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 吞噬星空

One day, the RR virus of unknown origin appeared on the earth, and the world was involved in disaster. Infected animals mutated into terrifying monsters and invaded massively. When humans faced destruction, they built walls and established base cities as the last fortresses of humans. The ordeals that mankind has experienced during this period of time are called “Nirvana Period.” In the extreme living environment, human physical fitness is gradually improving and developing, and the trend of martial arts is rising, and human physical fitness has qualitatively improved compared with before. And the best of them are called “Warriors”. Luo Feng, 18, also dreams of becoming one of them. At this time, he was about to take the college entrance examination and was facing a choice at a crossroads in his life, but unexpectedly, an attack by a monster affected his life trajectory. Under the threat of powerful monsters, the residents of the city are in danger, but the military is helpless. Only one warrior came forward and defended the safety of the base city. Luo Feng was infected by the strength of the warrior, and he secretly made the determination to become a warrior to protect his loved ones. This is the beginning of everything, the starting point of Luo Feng’s journey as a martial artist, and also the prelude to his legendary life. Luo Feng aspires to become a martial artist, but the road ahead is not smooth. The first thing he has to face is the invisibly exerted influence on him by the external environment. Luo Feng’s family conditions are poor and life is difficult. His parents can’t give him more help and can only rely on his own efforts. In the end, under constant hard work, Luo Feng continued to explore his own potential and was recognized by his ability improvement and self-worth. Not only that, Luo Feng not only shouldered the burden of supporting the family, but also joined forces with other justice warriors to deal with evil monsters in order to protect the homeland of mankind and for the better survival and development of mankind. In the doomsday desperate situation, can Luo Feng and other warriors repel the monsters and successfully protect the human world?


Sword Saint of The Ten Realms

18 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Sword Saint of The Ten Realms , Shi Fang Jian Sheng , 十方剑圣

In the ten directions, the strong are respected. The young Lin Tian was deceived by his fiancée Xiao Yun and Mo Sen, the eldest son of Mo’s family, to lose all his family property and was pushed off the cliff. Luckily he survived, he finally woke up and determined to avenge the two families and take back everything that belonged to him. Under the cliff, he accidentally obtained a mysterious black iron sword. Due to lack of strength, he decided to join the Jiuyang Wufu first, and take revenge after his strength matured. Unexpectedly, the elder of the Wufu was Mo Sen’s uncle. Lin Tian began to act in a low-key manner, practicing martial arts hard, refining the method of talisman formations, going out of the city secretly to practice, fighting red-faced ghosts, killing centipedes, and seizing blood soul flowers. The adventures continued. His strength grew rapidly, but Xiao Mo’s family still did not know how to repent, ambushed, assassinated, and even mobilized the whole family to encircle and suppress them. Let’s see how the young Lin Tian took blood and revenge, and after going through hardships, he finally became the king of gods and unified the heavens of the ten directions!


Watch online full: Sword Saint of The Ten RealmsShi Fang Jian Sheng  ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub



Tales Of Dark River [Anhe Zhuan] (2023)

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Tales Of Dark River , Anhe Zhuan , 暗河传

Dark River, the most mysterious killer organization in Jianghu, is composed of Su, Xie, and Mu families, and the highest leader of the three families is called the patriarch. Everyone’s elders are poisoned, and their lives are at stake. After hearing the news, the three forces of the Underworld took the opportunity to launch a rebellion. Su Muyu, as the leader of the patriarch’s guard group, Spider Shadow, recruited Bai Hehuai, a genius doctor from Medicine King Valley, to heal the patriarch, and at the same time repelled various killers to protect the patriarch Zhouquan. At this time, his good friend Su Changhe in the dark river joined the assassination of the head of the family on behalf of the Su family.

Watch online full: Tales Of Dark RiverAnhe Zhuan ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st season All episode English sub


The Charm of Soul Pets [Huan Chong Shi] (2024)

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing The Charm of Soul Pets [Huan Chong Shi] (2024), The Charm of Soul Pets, Huan Chong Shi , 幻宠师

Watch online full: The Charm of Soul PetsHuan Chong Shi幻宠师 ( chinese anime | donghua 2024 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

Many islands dotted the vast oceans of this world. However, some of the islands were a lot more sinister than the rest. Those islands, known as Nightmare Islands, were true nightmares to all but the strongest and most fortunate. Children were kidnapped and thrown on these isolated islands by the Nightmare Palace, forced to sign soul pacts with evil soul pets: Nightmares. These devils slowly devoured the souls of their trainers to grow stronger. If the children did not cultivate fast enough, their souls will be devoured whole, leaving only an empty husk behind. 楚暮(Chu Mu), the protagonist, was an heir to the Chu Clan, but due to a plotted mu*der, he was thrown on the island, sentencing him to almost certain death. Dancing on the edge of life and death, he struggled to survive with a small Moonlight Fox he captured. When he finally escaped the devilish foremen on his island, he couldn’t help but let a breath out. But little does he know, the experience was only a beginning to a fated journey with his little Moonlight Fox…


The Demon Hunter [Chang Yuan Tu] (2023)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Demon Hunter ,Chang Yuan Tu, 沧元图

Watch online full: The Demon Hunter [Chang Yuan Tu] ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Meng Chuan witnessed his mother killed before his eyes, so he trained very hard hoping to one day avenge her death. But his peaceful days were broken as his wedding engagement being called off, an invasion by foreign forces, the sanctuary fallen into enemy hands… In order to protect the people of Ning City, he picked up his sword and vowed to be the strongest. This is a heavy responsibility and a long journey…


The Eternal Strife (2023)

? episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Eternal Strife (2023), 不死不灭, Bu Shi Bu Mie, The Young Master of Immortality , Immortality

Dugu Baitian was originally an ordinary young man in a small town. He devoted himself to pursuing the true meaning of martial arts. However, he was tricked by others and suffered a love disaster. He was forced to be involved in martial arts disputes. Because of his identity as a demon, he was misunderstood by the world. He struggled hard to survive and gradually awakened. Memories of past lives lead to a path of resistance against nature, and in the process, one gains the most sincere friendship and the most precious love. Even after going through thousands of dangers, even if his soul is shattered, he still maintains his original intention and fights for himself, his destiny, and justice. No matter how powerful his opponent is, he never flinches.

Watch online full: The Eternal Strife (2023)Bu Shi Bu Mie ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


The First Immortal of the Seven Realms

? episodes · DONGHUA Completed The First Immortal of the Seven Realms , Qi Jie Diyi Xian , 七界第一仙

watch online full HD – The First Immortal of the Seven Realms , Qi Jie Diyi Xian , 七界第一仙- chinese anime donghua anime 2022 – english sub


The First Order [Diyi Xulie] (2023)

bilibili, China Literature, Tencent Animation & Comics
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed The First Order, Diyi Xulie, 第一序列

A new era begins in a devastated world gripped by nuclear winter. Humans are no longer in control of the world, and crises emerged one after another. As mankind tried to rebuild order, the protagonist Ren Xiaosu stepped up with his positive energy, and in the process changed the world.


Watch online full: The First Order (Diyi Xulie) ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 3rd season All episode English sub


The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time

42 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Wu Ying Sanqian Dao,武映三千道,,The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time

Xu Wuzhou just made a time travel and found himself becoming a son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents! On the very night of their wedding, he couldn’t believe his eyes because his wife’s bestie was in his bed! His bad luck didn’t stop there. He went out to have a meal and realized the place he went to was actually a brothel!

Xu Wuzhou opened his eyes to find himself transmigrated into the body of a notoriously delinquent son-in-law. The guy spent his wedding night in a bridesmaid’s bed, and wandered into a brothel in search of a meal. Now his beautiful wife has lost all faith in him, and his father-in-law exiled him to the training grounds in disgust. And all Xu Wuzhou got for this trouble was an ancient artifact starving for blood?

Watch: Wu Ying Sanqian Dao – The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time – (chinese anime donghua 2023) , 1st season English sub


The Galaxy Emperor (2023)

? episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Galaxy Emperor , Matchless Emperor , Gaishi Dizun , 盖世帝尊

Watch online full: The Galaxy EmperorMatchless EmperorGaishi Dizun ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st season All episode English sub

In ancient times, the saints fought for hegemony. A young man known as the “Sleeping God” got a blessing in disguise and opened a heaven-defying technique. From then on, a genius with unparalleled physical strength, crossed the sky and the earth, slashed the stars with his sword, and thousands of geniuses crawled and trembled under his feet. In the world where heroes rise up, I am the only one who dominates martial arts.


The Girl Downstairs

Red Dog Culture House
22 episodes · ONA Completed The Girl Downstairs, Aishang Ta de Liyou,爱上她的理由

Freshman Juntang Yuan, applied for Minsong University in order to get close to his senior, Zhu Zhu, whom he had a crush on for a long time. After enrolling in school, he meets Shiya Li, a former idol who had dropped out of school. He meets Zhu Zhu again on campus as well as Ruoni Cui at a social party. It was then, that Juntang fell into an emotional vortex with the three girls, hesitant, and entangled…

Watch online full: The Girl DownstairsAishang Ta de Liyou ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


The Golden Wug (2024)

Yofox Culture
? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing The Golden Wug (2024), Jin Can Wangshi - 金蚕往事

Watch online full: The Golden Wug (2024)Jin Can Wangshi金蚕往事 – Lucifer Donghua ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2024 ) 1st All episode English sub

Lu Zuo, an ordinary young man working in a shop in Dongguan, leads a simple and unremarkable life. However, his fate takes a dramatic turn during a visit to his hometown to see his relatives. There, he accidentally inherits the powerful abilities of the Golden Wug from his grandmother, a secret she had long guarded.With this newfound power, Lu Zuo becomes entangled in a web of conspiracies and power struggles that revolve around the Golden Wug. Ancient sects of Taoism and practitioners of magic seek to control or destroy this power for their own ends, thrusting Lu Zuo into a world of danger and intrigue. As he navigates through these treacherous waters, Lu Zuo must learn to harness his abilities, understand the true nature of the Golden Wug, and decide whom he can trust.


The Infinitors [Wuxian Shijie]

He Zhou Culture, Wonder Cat Animation
? episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Infinitors, 无限世界, Wuxian Shijie

A decadent white-collar worker receives a mysterious invitation, “Do you want to know the meaning of life? Do you want to really live?” Teleportation into the unpredictable space of the Lord God, the invitation and challenge from the future human beings to the present world. All the challenges faced in the era of great universe development will be simulated as “duplicates” for the selected people to attack, overcome many traps, meet life and death comrades, and become team leaders, for the evolution and survival of the human race, and the infinite s future!

Watch online full: The Infinitors [Wuxian Shijie]无限世界 ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

the-invincible-shi-fang-wu-sheng-lucifer-donghua (1)

The Invincible [Shi Fang Wu Sheng] (2023)

16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Invincible, Shi Fang Wu Sheng, 十方武圣

In the wasteland of Doomsday, in the third year of King Sejong’s reign, the world was in chaos, and the people were in dire straits. The Demon Gate Demon Party hides in the dark and causes chaos. The gangs fight against each other, creating chaos. In the chaos, various sects emerged one after another, competing for resources and territory and establishing their own rules. There are ambitious people who try to take over the world and establish a dynasty, and there are also righteous people who want to save the common people. Wei He holds the realm-breaking bead that can break through the realm, travel through troubled times, and create his own legend step by step.

Watch online full: The Invincible [Shi Fang Wu Sheng], Shi Fang Wu Sheng ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


The King of Cultivators [San Xiuzhi Wang] (2024)

52 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing The King of Casual Cultivators, San Xiuzhi Wang, 散修之王

Watch online full: The King of Casual Cultivators [San Xiuzhi Wang] (2024) – ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2024 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

This is an ordinary young man getting to know an ancient weapon spirit, practicing hard with the help of the weapon spirit, getting to know all kinds of people, and experiencing various adventures that may be easy or frustrating. The story of life starting to take shape. In the end, he will become a transcendent emperor and protect the entire continent.


The King of Ten Thousand Domain

? episodes · Ongoing 7.6

In ancient times, there were giant spirits that lifted the sky, whose bodies were like stars, soaring across the universe. There are great honors of various races with different blood, destroying the void and re-creating the world, and there are ancient qi refiners who travel far across the galaxy to teach all beings. For some unknown reason, an era came to an end quietly, the world was isolated, and the ancient giants disappeared one by one. After many years, the young Nie Tian returned to ancient times through a drop of blood.

the-legend-of-magic-outfit-Lucifer Donghua

The Legend Of Magic Outfit (2023)

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing The Legend Of Magic Outfit, Mo Zhuang Chuanshuo, 魔装传说

Watch online full: The Legend Of Magic OutfitMo Zhuang Chuanshuo ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st season All episode English sub, The Legend Of Magic Outfit, Mo Zhuang Chuanshuo


The Legend of the Taiyi Sword Immortal (2023)

? episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Legend of the Taiyi Sword Immortal , 太一剑仙传

 In the Jiuzhou Continent, the Immortal Way is prosperous, and everyone in the world is proud to worship the Immortal Sect. However, cracks in the boundary wall suddenly appeared, and demons from other worlds began to sneak into the Kyushu Immortal Sect secretly. After the alien demons infiltrated into the major immortal sects, they tried to gradually take over the power of the immortal sects and attempted to subvert the Kyushu Continent. Sword Immortal Mu Xun and his friends stopped the demon invasion, but unfortunately fell into the demon trap and were mistaken for a traitor from the immortal sect. In order to look for opportunities and clues to the lurking demons, Mu Xun decided to hide his traces from others and handed over his only son Dongfang Hao to his wife’s clan to raise and take care of him. Dongfang Hao, who has the blood of the Imperial clan but has no spiritual roots, has always been regarded as mediocre and bullied by his fellow tribesmen. He was originally a swordsman queen, but his life was rough because his father was framed by the demon clan. In times of crisis, he Resolutely relied on unremitting efforts to turn danger into safety, and step by step towards the road of enlightenment and immortality. In the secret realm of Taichu, the capital of Zhaowu King, Dongfang Hao stood up with loyalty and saved his friends in danger many times. At the same time, Dongfang Hao never forgot to search for his missing father. Taming dragons, competing for immortal souls, and constantly improving his cultivation, he is determined to find his father, reunite the major immortal sects, and drive the demons out of the Kyushu continent.

Watch online full: The Legend of the Taiyi Sword Immortal太一剑仙传 ( Chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


The Legend of Yang Chen (2023)

? episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Legend of Yang Chen, 九辰风云录,Jiuchen Fengyunlu

The grandson of the Yang Mansion’s family head, Yang Chen, was mocked by the members of the clan for not awakening his Dao soul for a long time. In despair, he broke through his own awakening of the Dao soul and the spirit emperor, Emperor Yu. He also became aware that his uncle and others were pressuring his grandfather to relinquish the position of family head. Afterward, Yang Chen made up his mind to enhance his own strength in order to protect his family and embarked on a journey alone to seek medicine in the Youyun Mountains. In the end, he foiled the conspiracy of the others and held onto the position of family head.

Watch online full: The Legend of Yang ChenJiuchen Fengyunlu ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


The Proud Emperor of Eternity (2024)

? episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Proud Emperor of Eternity , Wangu Kuang Di , 万古狂帝

Watch online: The Proud Emperor of EternityWangu Kuang Di万古狂帝 ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

Chu Kuangsheng, a seemingly feeble and inept individual, resided in the obscure Shiyang Town within the Shenlong Empire. Despite his initial frailty and inability to engage in martial arts, a fortunate twist of fate led to him inheriting the ancestral secrets of the Chu family. This unexpected turn of events resulted in a remarkable transformation as Chu Kuangsheng’s cultivation soared to unprecedented heights. Concealing his true prowess under a facade of timidity, he clandestinely held the infamous title of the mad master, casting ripples of fear across the universe. Driven by the enigma surrounding his parents’ disappearance, Chu Kuangsheng fearlessly challenged formidable adversaries, carving a path to universal acclaim and dominance across myriad realms. Behold, the master of his own destiny.


The Rich God

Djinn Power
20 episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Rich God , Bu Mie Shen Wang, 不灭神王

The financial talent Wang Ke was accidentally brought to the Shenzhou Star by the ancestral sword. With the help of his family’s blazing sun, he drove low and walked high, and worshiped the fairy gate. He thought he would make a fortune, but he didn’t want to be involved in the two turbulent undercurrents of righteousness and evil. Relying on his talent and wit, Wang Ke made every step of the way, won the hearts of beauties, built a business empire, stepped on the road of defending the way and eliminating demons step by step, and eventually became the immortal king.


Watch online full: The Rich God – Bu Mie Shen Wang ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

the-richest-man-in-game-2024-lcuifer-donghua-chnese-anime (1)

The Richest Man In Game (2024)

Foch Films
? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Richest Man In Game (2024), Losing Money to Be a Tycoon, Kui Cheng Shoufu Cong Youxi Kaishi, 亏成首富从游戏开始

Watch online full: The Richest Man In Game (2024) – Kui Cheng Shoufu Cong Youxi Kaishi ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

Pei Qian, an ordinary migrant worker, was accidentally bound to the wealth conversion system, which gave him a good opportunity to spend money in business and start his life over again. However, the system stipulates that you can only earn one yuan if you make a profit of 100 yuan, but all the money you lose can go into your own pocket. In order to lose money, Pei Qian chose the high-risk, money-burning game industry, and deliberately produced “alternative” games that went against the rules of the market. However, he unexpectedly became popular time and time again, earning a lot of money, and painfully became Pei Qian is the “business wizard” admired by everyone, but only Pei Qian understands that I really just want to lose money…


The Secrets of Star Divine Arts (2024)

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing The Secrets of Star Divine Arts , Taigu Xing Shen Jue, 太古星神诀 ,

Watch online: The Secrets of Star Divine ArtsTaigu Xing Shen Jue太古星神诀 ( Chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

Chen Xing, the determined young head of the Chen family in Dongyang City, overcame great adversity after the tragic loss of both his parents. Despite the treacherous attempt on his life by the ambitious Chen Sheng, he not only survived but also unearthed the long-lost supreme skill “The Ancient Star God Art.” With unwavering resolve, Chen Xing exposed Chen Sheng’s deceitful actions and brought him to justice, securing his position as the rightful leader. As he delved into mastering the “Ancient Star God Technique” and sought the elusive star beasts essential for its fruition, he crossed paths with Mu Qinglan, the daughter of the palace lord of Xuanyang Palace, embarking on a journey fraught with challenges. His encounters with Jian Feikong, the son of the deputy sect leader, only added to the complexities of his path forward. Through perseverance and determination, Chen Xing continued to forge his destiny amidst these trials.


The War of Cards (2023)

Oriental Creative Color
13 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing The War of Cards (2023), Disciples of Card , 卡徒

It’s a world ruled by cards. Chen Mu is a one-star card maker and he got a precious card in a second-hand store by chance. By learning card making theory during the day and studying the precious card at night, he makes rapid progress on card making, and his card is valued by the top student from Dongwei Academy. His life is going through changing without being noticed!

Watch online full: The War of Cards (2023) ( Chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Thirty-Six Cavalry (2023)

13 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Thirty-Six Cavalry, Sanshi Li Ji, 36 Riders, Thirty-six Riders, 三十六骑

During the reign of Emperor Hanming, the siblings Ban Chao and Ban Zhao went to Luoyang due to their elder brother taking the blame for their father’s actions. There, Ban Chao cleverly saved his brother and caused a disturbance at the Youyetai. Eventually, they received the Han Emperor’s bronze Yan seal to prepare for a mission to the Western Regions. Ban Chao gathered talented individuals to form a team for the journey west and joined forces with General Dou Gu in the Battle of Yiwu. Afterward, the Thirty-Six Riders separated from Dou Gu’s army at Yiwu, with the main Han forces heading north to attack cities and break through fortifications, while the Thirty-Six Riders went south to engage in diplomatic relations and plots with other factions…

Watch online full: Thirty-Six Cavalry (2023) – Sanshi Li Ji –  Thirty-six Riders三十六骑 ( Chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Three Kingdoms Kill: Taiping Heavenly Book (2024)

? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Three Kingdoms Kill: Taiping Heavenly Book , Taiping Tianshu: Jiang Hun Juexing , 三国杀之太平天书

Watch online full: Three Kingdoms Kill: Taiping Heavenly Book , Taiping Tianshu: Jiang Hun Juexing, 三国杀之太平天书 Lucifer Donghua ( chinese anime | donghua anime 2024 ) 1st All episode English sub,

Watch full episodes Three Kingdoms Kill: Taiping Heavenly Book (2024), download Three Kingdoms Kill: Taiping Heavenly Book (2024) english subbed, Three Kingdoms Kill: Taiping Heavenly Book (2024) eng sub, download Three Kingdoms Kill: Taiping Heavenly Book (2024) eng sub, stream Three Kingdoms Kill: Taiping Heavenly Book (2024) at Lucifer Donghua – Watch Online: Chinese Anime / Donghua – Japanese.


Transcending the Nine Heavens (2023)

Foch Films
? episodes · DONGHUA Completed Transcending the Nine Heavens (2023) , Aoshi Jiuchong Tian , 傲世九重天

Chu Yang is hunted down and trapped in a hopeless situation by various people for obtaining his Nine Functions Sword, the supreme magical weapon in the Nine Heavens. He is stabbed into the heart, which accidentally awakens the Nine Functions Sword and brings him back to his youth life again. In this life, he will choose a different path, protect his love and brother, and embark on the road to search for the Nine Functions Sword. His fate will be rewritten, and this hot-blooded man will fight against the powerful forces, requites kindness with gratitude, returns evil for evil, and turns the Nine Heavens upside down.

Watch online full: Transcending the Nine Heavens (2023)Aoshi Jiuchong Tian傲世九重天 ( Chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Way of Choices [Ze Tian Ji] – All Season Playlist

Foch Films
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Way of Choices, Fighter of the Destiny, 择天记

Watch online: Way of Choices – Fighter of the Destiny – 择天记  ( chinese anime | donghua 2015 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

At the beginning of time, a mystical meteor came crashing down from outer space and scattered all over the world. A piece of it landed in the Eastern Continent.

There were mysterious totems carved upon the meteor, and people gathered around it wanting to discover its usage. They discovered the Way, and established The Tradition.

Several thousand years later, the fourteen years old orphan Chen Chang Shang left his master to cure his illness and change his fate. He brought a piece of marriage vow with him to the capital, thus began the journey of a rising hero.



Wonderland [Wan Jie Xian Zong] Season 1+2+3+4+5

Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes · DONGHUA Completed Wonderland season 1, Wonderland season 2, Wonderland season 3, Wonderland season 4, Wonderland season 5, Wan Jie Xian Zong, 万界仙踪 第四季

Watch full episodes Wan Jie Xian Zong,Wonderland, download Wan Jie Xian Zong,Wonderland english subbed, Wan Jie Xian Zong,Wonderland eng sub, download Wan Jie Xian Zong,Wonderland eng sub, stream Wan Jie Xian Zong,Wonderland at Lucifer Donghua.

Watch Online-1080p: Wan Jie Xian Zong – Wonderland – 万界仙踪 ( chinese anime | donghua ) Season 1,2,3,4,5 episode english sub


Xi Xing Ji Special: Asura [Mad King] (2024)

9 episodes · ONA Completed Xi Xing Ji Special: Asura [Mad King] (2024), Xi Xing Ji Special, Asura [Mad King], 西行纪之狂王

Watch online: Xi Xing Ji Special: Asura [Mad King] (2024) – 西行纪之狂王  ( chinese anime | donghua 2023 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

Youyu, a frail young Asura boy, developed amazing potential after witnessing the slaughter of his tribe, and was abducted by his ancestor Ji Ji. Youyu was reborn through the hell-like death torture of Zhuji, and developed the five senses of the God of Fighting and the unique way of fighting souls. After completing the death training, Youyu reunited with his friend Shigure, but Asura’s law of the jungle persecuted Shigure to death. Realizing that being strong is the only way out, Youyu embarks on the road to becoming a king, determined to become the strongest and rewrite the rules of Asura.


Xyrin Empire (Xyrin Jiyuan)

Wawayu Animation
? episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing Xyrin Empire , Xyrin Jiyuan , Xyrin Empire (Xyrin Jiyuan) , 希灵帝国

Chen Jun, an aimless wannabe otaku, suddenly became the Emperor of a multiverse-spanning kingdom. The Empress Sandora, the Empire’s 1.2-meter-tall female general Pandora, and the Supernatural Bureau’s Big Sis Lin Xue have all said they’re not up to the task. Even Chen Jun’s childhood sweetheart, the energetic Xu Qianqian, also said he must become the Emperor. Chen Jun did not have a choice and started his busy life by saving the world from Monday to Friday and playing games during the weekends.