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The battle of the Yanmen League’s demise struck, the three old men of Mulan appeared, Medusa picked four, Xiao Yan Baqi rescued


In the animation of breaking through the sky, Xiao Yan and Ziyan closed their doors in order to break through the imperial barriers in one fell swoop. It’s just that in their hard work, the entire Gama Empire and even the Yanmen League suffered a devastating blow. Judging from the latest official announcement, the Yanjia鈥檚 battle of demise strikes, the three old men of Mulan debuts, Queen Medusa will be one-on-one, and the critical moment will be inflamed and domineering. Let鈥檚 take a look.


The battle of the Yanmeng

The little doctor has always been grudged about the eugenic poisonous body, but now he has been provoked by the iron protection law of the Soul Hall. The other party said that as long as the Gama Empire is destroyed and the Allied Alliance is captured, the method of cracking can be obtained, so the little doctor will start a war. At first, it was just a small fight. Queen Medusa kept her home for her husband and fought with the little doctor. Although she failed to share the outcome, both sides suffered varying degrees of injury.


It鈥檚 just that the little doctor retired behind the scenes and secretly healed, but Queen Medusa did not have a chance to heal, because the little doctor had sent poisonous cases and summoned Mulan Valley and Jin Yanzong. The three gates attacked. Queen Medusa was injured, ready to kill her, and took the empire in one fell swoop锛孍xterminate the Yanmeng. Judging from the advance notice, the two sides fought a decisive battle in Montenegro’s fortress. Queen Medusa led the sea and Ga Lao to fight with all their strength. Once this war was defeated, the inflammation was really destroyed, and the empire would be destroyed.


Mulan San Lao appeared

Judging from the advance notice, although I did not see the shadow of the little doctor, I saw the other two great masters, namely the sovereign geese of Jinyanzong and the three old Mulan in Mulan Valley. Seriously, this model of Yan Luoyu is a bit killing Matt, especially the two wings and jewelry on his ears. The five officials are also hard to say. They are also strong fighters, and Yunshan is more handsome than him.


The shape of Muran鈥檚 three olds is still relatively disciplined, and the facial features and clothing are also very distinctive. The overall appearance is more burly. Only the hairstyle can鈥檛 bear to look straight. One is half bald and one is more normal. Although it is a villain, it is a bit regrettable, because in the future they will encounter Xiao Yan, not only taking the credit, but also all being killed.


Queen Medusa

This decisive battle about the life and death of the Yanmen League, whether it is the king of the fight, the king of the fight, or the powerful of the emperor, or even the imperial army, cannot decide the victory or defeat. The real contest is the war of the battle of the prince level. Whoever loses will suffer Destructive blow. Although Queen Medusa and the little doctor were seriously injured in the previous battle, there is no way, she must carry it, and then Queen Medusa will start a four-piece play.


In other words, Queen Medusa will be alone, fighting against the three strong men of Yan Futian and Mulan. It should be known that Yan Luotian is a genuine fighter-bug, and although Muran Sanchao is the top-front man, he can raise the energy of the three to the duel by virtue of the unique three beasts. Simply put, even the three old Mulan are regarded as a strong fighter. Medusa fights four of them, which is equivalent to single out two strong fighters.


Xiao Yan Baqi Rescue

During the heyday, Queen Medusa was fortunate to say that now she is injured, and the situation is quite dangerous in battle with the three old Mulan and the geese. Fortunately, at a critical moment, under the leadership of Yue Mei, Xiao Yan came to Montenegro for a domineering rescue, staged a blasting code to save his wife, and their husband and wife will also start a mixed double fight. It is really exciting.



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