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Thirty-Six Ride: An Exciting New Anime!


Today’s national manners are really developing better and better, and there are more types of national manners, there are mysterious martial arts, gourmet racing, and fairy repair cities, Now that another National Man work has been announced, it will soon meet with you. This National Man work is still a rare anime in history.. If you don’t say that, let’s take a look.


One, another country announced, with East Han as the background and Ban Chao as the main character

This newly announced national comic work is thirty-six rides. It is reported that it is adapted from a novel of the same name, which is a typical historical theme. It has now been adapted into anime and will soon meet you.This anime does not know how others are. After I personally watched it, it gave me an extremely amazing feeling. Because this anime is actually based on East Han, with Ban Chao as the main character.


You know, although there are a large number of national comic works, there are also various types of works, at least hundreds of nearly a thousand, but it is really necessary to say which anime is based on East China. It is really rare and not even found.It’s a three-nation acting, but although it involves East Han, it’s already the last year of East Han, and it’s the subject matter of the three countries, so it’s not really about East Han’s animation in a strict sense.


I personally wanted to see an anime that really talks about Donghan. Now this thirty-six ride just satisfies my dream. The producer of this anime is now announced. It is the year of the Midwave. It is a very famous 3D anime company. Therefore, the thirty-six riding must have made 3D anime.It is also obvious that the thirty-six rides are preheating from time to time during the year of the Mid-shadow year, and the announcement is issued and the intelligence is released, so it is clear that the thirty-six rides are about to meet you.


Second, the story of the main shift beyond the Western Region, the combination of Chinese and Western cultures

So what story does this thirty-six ride tell specifically?Many people will be curious, especially the audience who has not seen the original book.It is reported that the thirty-six riders were the story of Ban Chao’s will, which is the purpose of the Han Ming Emperor, to make the West. Ban Chao was the strange man who left a pen in history to make a fortune from the Rong Dynasty. He was a well-recognized historian. Moved side by side, writing books for history and speaking for the world, the Hanming Emperor valued him very much.


After dreaming of the Western Region in his dream, Emperor Han Ming thought about letting people use the Western Region to complete their dreams. This candidate who made the Western Region finally fell on Ban Chao, so Han Mingdi Qin gave Bench Bronze Swallow, let him take People go to the Western Region, on the one hand to find a way to live, on the one hand to witness what the Western Region looks like.


The emperor’s order class supernatural dared not refuse, but was flattered because he felt that the emperor had fulfilled his dream and gave him the opportunity to make a name for Qing Shi.The back-class supernatural team explored various high-ranking people in the capital, helped him to make the west together, and finally Banchao found the successor of the Mo family, as well as the back robbers, and the masters of the organs and martial arts. Sixteen people, or thirty-six rides, embarked on the road to the west with him.


Second, but netizens are very optimistic

This thirty-six ride is a very rare historical theme in China with the background of East Han. As the protagonist, Ban Chao is even more different because his identity is a diplomat,It can also be said that it was the most famous diplomat in my country in the early days. He traveled through the Yellow Desert in the western region and passed through various countries. He not only witnessed the culture of the western region, but also returned to the middle and earth safely, bringing back the culture of the western region and various products of the western region.


In conclusion, “Thirty-Six Ride” is a captivating addition to the world of national manners anime. It explores a lesser-known period of Chinese history, enriched with cultural depth and historical significance. As we eagerly await its release, we must remember that often, the most extraordinary stories emerge from the most unexpected places. “Thirty-Six Ride” promises to be an enthralling journey through history and adventure, inviting viewers to uncover the hidden treasures of the East Han dynasty and beyond.



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