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“Medusa Gets Hurt, Xiao Yan Xiao Yan Triumphs to beat Mulan Sancho, Hugs Colorful Scales, and Little Doctor Fairies Join the Battle!


The animation of the year of the sky was updated. Xiao Yan Ziyan all broke through to the emperor of the struggle. However, the Gama Empire suffered a devastating blow, and the three-common siege war officially sounded. Judging from the official announcement of episode 65, Queen Medusa was besieged and seriously injured. At a critical moment, Xiao Yan’s domineering hero saved the beauty, not only beating the three old Muran, but also embracing the color scale. Finally, the little doctor was strong. Let’s take a look at it together.


Medusa was rounded up and injured

Originally, the Yun Empire attacked the Gama Empire, mainly because the little doctor was fighting against Queen Medusa. The strength of the two people was almost the same, and they were all injured to varying degrees. It was just that before the minor doctors closed their care, they summoned the three gates of poisonous and golden goose and Mulan Valley. While Medusa was injured, he launched a full-scale decisive battle. Once he fell, the Gama Empire and the Yanmen would disappear.


This war was originally a battle of the Patriarch level, and the King of the Fighting of the King could not intervene, so Medusa could not heal the wounds at all, so he had to take the initiative to attack the golden goose masters and the three old Mulan in Mulan Valley. Judging from the advance notice, Queen Medusa was one-on-one and the battle was quite blasting.


You need to know that the three old men of Mulan are counted as a fighter, and they join forces with Yan Luotian, that is, two strong fighters besieging Medusa. If it was the heyday, Medusa was fearless, but unfortunately she was injured in the war before the little doctor, and she could not beat the geese and Mulan. Judging from the forecast, the golden wheellight caught Medusa, and the three old men of Mulan turned into a red lion head, and Medusa was not only injured, but also dying of life and falling into danger.


Xiao Yan’s domineering hanging Mulan’s three old

At a critical moment, Xiao Yan finally arrived at the fortress in Montenegro under the leadership of Yue Mei, and staged a handsome play to save his wife. Judging from the advance notice, Xiao Yan blasted the three old Mulan red lion heads with a punch, and then went directly to Mulan San Lao and played a three-pointed domineering part.


To know the strength of the three old Mulan, everyone is actually the top of the fighting emperor, just because of the implementation of the brutal decision of the three beasts, the strength of the three can be brought together to achieve the fighting power, and the three old Muran are in the process of fighting. Everyone can mobilize the fighting power. However, Xiao Yan found a weakness, relying on three thousand thunders to counterattack. Judging from the notice, he hanged Muran Sanchao and was so handsome.


Hug the color scale

From Canaan College to Yun Lanzong, the color scale has shown many hard-mouthed plays, and it has completely fallen in love. I don鈥檛 know if Xiao Yan has already known the heart of the color scale. In the advance notice, Xiao Yan saved the color scale while directly embracing the injured color scale. This dog food was too sudden to guard. Just like in the valley, the two are holding hands, and there are small couples everywhere锛孖t’s really sugar-sweet.


Little Doctor Fairy

Originally, the three old Mulan and Yan Sui Tian joined forces, and they will inevitably defeat Queen Medusa and let the Gama Empire and the Yanmen League die. But with the appearance of Xiao Yan, the two sides tied again. However, from the preliminary notice, the poison master doctor’s quiz returned from healing, and took a goose transformed from purple energy to appear in the field and participate directly in the war.


With the addition of the little doctor, the Gama Empire is naturally in crisis again. After all, the other party’s three fighting forces have barely counted two. Although it will be a bit dangerous, as Xiao Yan recognized the little doctor, the two sides would no longer fight, and the three cases will be resolved. Next, we should expect Xiao Yan to kill the soul temple iron protection.




    I am so in love with this Battle through the heavens. My only sadness is that it is to short. If we can have it in 25 minutes weekly, it would be nice. Such that every episode has a finite ending towards a certain goal. But in all, i so love this.

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