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Swallowed Star Season 2 Episode 86 [60] English Sub

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🔥✨Swallowed Star Information ✨🔥

Swallowed Star’s release may be delayed due to the ongoing release of the new anime, Shrouding the Heavens. The producers want to focus on promoting the new anime to increase its popularity, so we cannot confirm when the next episode of Swallowed Star will be released. However, we will keep you updated on any developments, so please stay connected with us.”

It’s understandable that fans of Swallowed Star may be disappointed with the delay, but it’s important to remember that the producers are likely making this decision to ensure the success of the new anime, which could ultimately benefit the entire industry. Nonetheless, it’s always frustrating when the release of a favorite show is uncertain, but by staying connected with updates, fans can stay informed and look forward to the next episode of Swallowed Star with even greater anticipation.

Swallowed Star Season 2

Rating 8.8
Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Dec 29, 2021 Duration: 20 min. per ep. Season: Country: Fansub: Lucifer Donghua & 3D Anime Official
Tunshi Xingkong Season 2 – Swallowed Star Season 2 – 吞噬空 ( chinese anime | donghua 2020 ) Season 2 One day, the RR virus of unknown origin appears on earth and disaster strikes the world. The infected animals mutate into terrifying monsters and attack on a large scale. When humans faced destruction, they built walls and founded cities as humanity’s last strongholds. The trials that mankind experiences during this period are called the “Nirvana Period”. In such an extreme living environment, human physical strength also gradually evolved and developed, martial arts sprang up, and human physical strength was qualitatively increasing compared to before. And the best of them is called “Warriors”. 18-year-old Luo Feng also dreams of becoming one of them. Right now, he was about to take the college entrance exam and face a choice at a crossroads in his life, but suddenly a monster attack affects the trajectory of his life. The first thing he had to face was the influence of the external environment which was exerted on him invisibly. Luo Feng’s family’s poor condition and difficult life. His parents could not give him more help and could only rely on his own efforts. In the end, under constant hard work, Luo Feng continued to explore his own potential and was recognized for his increased abilities and self-esteem. Not only that, Luo Feng not only shouldered the burden of supporting the family but also joined forces with other warriors of justice to face evil monsters, protect the land of mankind for the survival and development of better mankind. In the desperate situation of doomsday, can Luo Feng and the other warriors repel the monsters and successfully protect the human world?

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Posted by: admin Released on: 1 month ago


  1. vvir says:

    Where is the episode??

  2. ARJUN says:

    Your WhatsApp group is full.

    1. admin says:

      ok buddy i create new one

  3. Alona Almacin says:

    Are they for real? I was expecting every wednesday for this? I really hate them.

  4. What’s going on why is’t the episode boardcast today

    1. admin says:

      delay from official

  5. Greg Miller says:

    Any Idea when the next season will start?

  6. Shaikabdulmohasin says:

    Where is the episode

  7. Emon says:

    Is the episode going to release today?

  8. Mining says:

    When will the new episode release
    Please reply

  9. Charan says:

    Till when

  10. Mike says:

    Lol guys gotta chill go read the novel like I did. Normal to be breaks between seasons at least it’s not too long

  11. Greg Miller says:

    I’m a sad little monkey.

  12. Demetrice says:

    Guys the new episode will be release on June 1

  13. Alona Almacin says:

    Delayed again???

  14. Prakar says:

    Release as soon as possible

  15. Dipesh thakuri says:

    Any idea when season 3 episode will start

  16. Deformed Gold says:

    I hope this message gets seen, but from what I’ve heard, Swallowed Star isn’t getting released for another two months. I didn’t see the reason, but I heard episode 86 will be released in on June 30th.

    1. admin says:


  17. Danushka Sandaruwan says:


  18. Demetrice says:

    No it says it gonna released on June 1

  19. Rocky says:

    Bro swallowed star episode when it’s going to release

  20. Waahid says:

    No no no,that is not good

  21. Amitraj says:

    When the new episode will release

    1. admin says:

      u have to wait some months i think

  22. Sera says:

    So no more swallowed star?. Ok I’m done with it

    1. admin says:

      new episode not coming because of company wanted to promote Shrouding of the havens.

  23. Ddddd says:

    Tch, they suddenly ended this for just new c-anime series. Pathetic!

    1. admin says:

      new episode not coming because of company wanted to promote Shrouding of the havens.

  24. disappoint says:

    maybe they release it in january 2024 😑

  25. jinesh says:

    how to join your whatsapp grp

    1. admin says:

      below video server u will see Group join lick u have to just click on it

  26. Shoaib says:

    Please release the episode soon ,

    1. admin says:

      new episode not coming because of company wanted to promote Shrouding of the havens.

  27. Ruthra says:

    Remember if you upload onr episode we all will disappointed so careful upload episodes 86,87,88 and 89 we can’t wait again

    1. admin says:

      new episode not coming because of company wanted to promote Shrouding of the havens.

  28. unknown says:

    I was a fan from episode 1 when nobody even new what Swallowed Star was , now they want to ta a break and promote Shrouding the Heavens, i took a look at that anime and it was boring. now you are telling me they are gonna waste money on this anime while they already have a winner.

    Bad business.

  29. TWINCHILD says:


  30. Kaif says:

    Really swallowed star one of the best dougha and they don’t want to continue so disappointed

  31. Kaif says:

    Swallowed star is one the best dougha and they don’t want to continue really disappointed 😔.

  32. Alexander says:

    wait what they don’t wanna continue swallowed star

    1. admin says:

      they will continue but after few months.

  33. Richard Watkins says:

    this is not the first time that they have done this usually they go on a random hiatus i think this is the second time it has happened

  34. Shoaib says:

    Where is the episode,????

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